Get Out of the House and Play!

My son sent me this cartoon and I howled with laughter. “Go outside” happens to be my middle name. I think it says it all – at least from a frustrated parent’s point of view:

To be fair, it’s not just kids who are on their computers and video games when they could be outside moving, playing and exploring. Plenty of adults do it. This cartoon may be funny, but the state of the American body and health is not. It’s in sad shape, to put it nicely. It’s well documented that an increase in activity results in a decrease in muscular pain, better posture, more awareness, more confidence and a better mood. It’s one of the best de-stressors out there. Though many people know they’d like to get out and move, lose a few pounds, and take charge of their health, many don’t know where to begin. Or, as one client of mine put it last week, “I just hate exercise. It bores me to death. I’d rather play, just like I did when I was a kid.” She was on to something…

If you’d like to “play” instead of “exercise,” you will love Exuberant Animal! Frank Forencich will teach you all about the benefits of play-based fitness and its power to positively develop one’s body, brain, and relationships. Here’s one of my favorite Exuberant Animal YouTube videos:

So get outside, find someone to play with and let me know how it goes!