Standing Somatic Movements for Quick Back Pain Relief

5 minutes of “standing somatics” you can do anytime, anywhere…

Last week I wrote about a challenging client who couldn’t lie on the table to do her Somatic Movements. I described some creative and fun movements that I coached her through that were truly AHA! movements for her. She’s forgotten that she could move her body as a whole and not just as separate parts.

Here’s a short video I made of the movements she and I did together. These are movements that you can do once an hour, standing next to your desk, if you’re an office worker. You can do them interspersed throughout the day, just to “wake up” your body.  Try them out and let me know how they go. “Sharon,” my client for whom I created these movements, tells me that they’re working wonders for her! Remember that as with any Somatic Movements, go slowly, pay attention to the movement pattern itself, and then, if it feels comfortable and natural for your body, feel free to speed it up.

4 thoughts on “Standing Somatic Movements for Quick Back Pain Relief

    • It sure is. Do a few Somatic Movements on the floor, then stand up and integrate them with these new ones. Let me know how they work for you!

    • Now that I know how to add voiceover, I just might improve that video with some explanation! Music might be nice, too, but you’re less likely to pay close attention to your movement if you’re distracted by fun music. Enjoy the movements, though and then put on your favorite record!

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