Pain Relief for the Office Worker

Here are a couple of great seated exercises to do at the office. Sometimes, despite your best efforts to stay aware and relaxed while working, stress can get the better of you and you find yourself slumping, arching forward, or sitting rigidly for long periods of time as you work. Remember that anything you do repeatedly will become a habit! You want to create positive, aware habits. This way you’ll be better able to sit and work efficiently.

Here’s a quick video, live from my office! You’ll learn three simple movements you can do at home or at the office to keep you feeling loose. It’s always good to move in all three planes: front to back, side to side and twisting. Try these out and let me know how it goes!

10 thoughts on “Pain Relief for the Office Worker

  1. I did these along with the video and they felt SO GOOD!! Wow! I wish I had watched yesterday when I was writing my paper at the computer. My back really began to ache. These movements are awesome!

    • I’m so glad they worked for you! Just wait – I have many more…. Keep doing them and you’ll see that sitting becomes easier and easier (though you don’t want it to become TOO easy, lest you forget to get up and move around!).

  2. These are amazing! I especially relate to the last one. Do you feel that you must do the first two as a precursor to the last, or can I just do one of them without any buildup? Please show us some more. It’s so helpful to SEE you do them.
    Thanks, Maggie

    • You don’t really need to do the movements in the order I described, but it’s helpful to do one movement for the back, one of the waist muscles and one for twisting and turning. Enjoy them! I’ll be posting more soon.

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  4. Martha that was really interesting and very helpful. As soon as began watching I realized I was doing just what you described. Awareness!

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